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As a group, SG&AT tries to provide a platform for special guardians and adopters – and our children, to be heard.

we wish to see positive change in permanence – a fairer more equitable system.

we need a strong collective voice to protect our privacy.

SG&AT is a place where we come together to think about what needs to change and support each other in campaigning to achieve it.

Bringing special guardians together with adopters is important in a system that generally divides birth families from adopters. Also, increasingly it seems, adoptive parents are raisng special guardianship grandchildren.

The problems we deal with are so complex and we so much need to find more ways to come together – with parliamentarians, influencers and policy advisors, charities, researchers, professionals in health education and scocial care – and trauma experts. With so many caring people, we hope to find better ways of minimising the trauma experienced by children and their families – and help them to heal. We strongly feel however, that better supportive structures are needed to bring people together who need to talk – to optimise success.

It is such a difficult and complex task. Our way to engage in dialogue is through conducting lived experience research – and asking questions that we feel need to be asked about problems that are not always given the consideration they deserve.

All Special Guardians, and Adopters are more than welcome to join our group and we welcome any opportunity to work with professionals and organisations to promote understanding.

If you are interested in one of our articles please go to the ‘Our Voices, Our Stories’ page on the menu, where you will find all the articles we have published listed.

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Our children are our future, and loving families are the key to theirs, so we hope that all those working with children will wish to listen to us and work together with us.

If you are an Adopter, or Special Guardian, and would like to join our campaigning group, please click HERE to complete a membership form. 

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We are very grateful for public donations to help us cover expenses and running costs. You can donate using our Just Giving Page

If you are not an adopter or special guardian, and are interested in supporting us or working with us please complete this contact form


  1. The abuse of a child is not always comprehensive to some Why are we still having to battle for services…

  2. Good afternoon I agree with the above totally I’m constantly reading and trying to get the best for the two…

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