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These are some of the changes that we feel are most urgently needed:

  1. We would like to see the Adoption Support Fund renamed to better signpost those who are eligible for it. Its important that family carers don’t just think its for adopters
  2. We would like for all special guardianship and all adopted children, regardless of the child’s legal status or whether they live within the family home, to be able to access the Adoption Support Fund until the young person is 21 years old or 25 if they have an Education, Health & Care Plan.
  3. The legal status of all children coming into care needs to be recorded to inform future policies and actions.
  4. We need respite to be available when its needed to prevent children re-entering care. Section 20 can be problematic for adopted children as it can lead to them feeling rejected, which is not what we want as parents. Sometimes we need a break and good professional support to keep the family living together.
  5. We need one person with decision making authority to take responsibility for supporting us and our children, reviewing our needs and working in meaningful partnership with us and other professionals. This should be someone who understands trauma, relational loss, adoption and special guardianship – not a general social worker.
  6. We do not want to be so frequently put in a position where we feel we must make formal complaints to resolve problems and access services/support. However, it is important that we are able to make complaints when there have been problems – it is wrong that Mott MacDonald, who administer the Adoption Support Fund, have no complaints procedure.
  7. We need recognition of the ‘parenting from a distance role’ as being of value to society and protected by new legislation.
  8. We urgently need a framework/guidance for the reunification of children who are hard to care for with safe parents – so our children do not get trapped in care with no efforts made to support them in the context of their family – and us written off as a failed care option.
  9. We need for the tacit knowledge, insight and experience of adopters and special guardians to be valued. We know our children. We need to be believed and respected.
  10. We need financial security – financial support that is adequate & fair and not suddenly withdrawn.
  11. Our need much better support for us, and for our children, as they transition to adulthood.
  12. We need legal aid for us and for our children to resolve disputes – when we are up against organisations/agencies with limitless access to the public purse.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts about what changes need to happen from your perspective as a parent, guardian or professional

3 thoughts on “Our Campaigns

  1. I believe in the points above and would like to add that all these items are very important. However these children are victims to the system as they are born into deprivation and a very poor quality of life.
    I believe nothing will change unless the core issues have been addressed.


  2. I agree – but we must not let the cycle of trauma pass from generation to generation, unchecked. All children deserve opportunities and maybe this group of children more than most?


  3. Good afternoon
    I agree with the above totally
    I’m constantly reading and trying to get the best for the two children in my care
    Currently trying to find out what’s available for one off them going to university and financial support available for her to do this anyone with answers


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