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In 2018, two of our members started the Lack of LAC campaign. This is when a child’s lack of ‘Looked After Child’ status prevents them getting help and support. It is where a child’s relatives do everything they can to prevent a family member from being taken into care – only to find that they prevented the child being able to access much needed help later on down the line.

The same vulnerable children who cannot live with their birth parents, with the same needs, cannot access the same support because in doing what they believed was right for the child, their special guardian has prevented them from being able to receive: 

•       ‘Pupil Premium Plus’, a payment to help our schools fund help for the child(ren)

•       Access to a designated teacher or the ‘virtual head teacher’, who oversees the educational needs and support for LAC/previously LAC children.

•       The Adoption Support Fund’ (ASF), a fund that enables children and families to access specialist therapeutic support. 

Please sign the petition and call on the government to stop this NOW!

Katherine Hayles, who is spearheading the Lack of LAC campaign, shares her journey and experiences below.

A journey begins with Therapeutic Parenting

A Special Guardianship Journey

Do SGO’s work?

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