lack of lac

So today I start my journey with Therapeutic Parenting (TP). My little chipmunk turned 9 yesterday, he is my step-grandson and my husband and I are his Special Guardians now for 5 ½ years.

I was offered this course to help us parent him in a way his traumatised brain can process. He is extremely emotional, has some sensory issues, is not dry at night and overly attaches, due to his past. We want to learn how to help him the best we can. As Chipmunk didn’t go into care before coming to live with us, he’s not classed as previously looked after (lack of LAC), which means to be offered this course we are extremely lucky.

Today my journey is exactly that, I’m off to another town which means a hours train ride for me, leaving before school run which thankfully my mum is able to do for me. Chipmunk is happy with my mum looking after him as she’s one of the few people who can, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have some over reactions to the change of routine. This morning since waking at 6am he’s been checking that I would be there to do his breakfast, that nanna knows where school is, that I’ll be home to pick him up(fingers crossed there’s no train delays) to why do I have to go? It’s so hard breaking the normal routine for him, but I know that it will be worth it in the end!

I’m feeling quite nervous and excited right now. I will know one other SG there who I’ve met a couple of times before, but I still get very nervous meeting new people. I’m excited because this is the first course of this type to be run in my county for SG’s, and I’m hoping we can get through this and lead the way for more SG’s in the future!

We’re not complete beginners with TP, We have been trying to learn what we can online, with social media support groups and books. We have the A-Z of therapeutic parenting by Sarah Naish which is an invaluable tool and has helped us a lot. TP makes sense when parenting a SG child, they have often experienced trauma, and have to deal with lots of emotions when having contact with birth parents (BP) and understanding why this happened. The feeling of being different from his friends is also something we have had to deal with. Understanding why they behave the way they do is important with traumatized children

Anyway this is the start of our journey, I hope you’ll enjoy it with us X


My views after:

Well that was fantastic! It so happens that the other SG’s there today are also LackofLAC !! How great that we’re getting this help and support For our little ones!
The 2 ladies running the group, one a SGO support worker the other works for the CHAMS lark team, are lovely which certainly helps. We all introduced our selves and spoke about our children and what we wanted from the course. We all pretty much want the same, to help us help and support our children, to gain the tools we need to do this and to meet others that are SG’s and help each other. So we pretty much talked for the 3 hours, sharing our journeys and good and bad experiences. I’ve come away feeling less alone, that there are others like me that want to help our children and that this lovely course can help me do that.
The next meeting is in 3 weeks due to half term and inset days, and now we have the basics covered the learning will begin then, I can’t wait.
Before that I have a couple of new support groups coming up which shall be interesting too!
I will be home for the school pick up (thank you train drivers etc!) And cannot wait to see the chipmunk and hear all about his day at school

Katherine x