The Beyond Disruption Project is about helping families survive when our traumatised children re-enter care because they are extremely hard to care for due to early life adversity and losses.

Please click this link to see a slide presentation about the problems we are experiencing

Children are not meant to be alone in the world but a permanence disruption (child re-entering care from adoption or special guardianship) often means this is exactly what happens.

It is so important to support relationships when adoptive and special guardian children re-enter care. An adoptive father who has supported many others explains why HERE

There are no reliable statistics about disruption rates to inform policy. Data is missing in the government statistics in respect of more than 4k children and whether they re-entered care under a permanence order or not.

Please write to your MP asking for them to call on the Department of Education to publish accurate and reliable data on children going back into care.

Click this link for a template letter to download 

Please join with us to support children and families who are having to face re-traumatising family separations. We really need your support.