The Beyond Disruption Project is about helping permanence families survive family separation when our children are extremely hard to care for because of their early life adversity and losses.

Children are not meant to be alone in the world but a permanence disruption often means this is exactly what happens.

There are no reliable statistics about disruption rates to inform policy. Data is missing in the government statistics in respect of nearly 4k children and whether they re-entered care under a permanence order or not.

You can read more about permanence disruption and how it is impacting on children and families by clicking on this link HERE

Please join with us to support children and families who are having to face re-traumatising family separations. We really need your support and we are very keen to collaborate with local authorities, agencies, organisations and charities.

We welcome financial donations and these can be made through our just giving page – we would like to organise a Beyond Disruption conference and welcome any other ideas about how to take this project/campaign forwards. Thank you to those suggesting the conference – we will do our best to bring this about.