How many children under an Adoption Order or other permanence order (Special Guardianship Order, Residence Order, Child Arrangements Order), end up going back into the care system?

A permanence disruption is a heart-breaking situation for all involved, especially when a parent or carer just wanted help for the child that was not forthcoming. The rate of permanence disruptions appears to be increasing. A lack of reliable information about children re-entering care from permanence is hampering sound policy decisions and impeding the provision of adequate support, services, benefits and allowances. The problem is there is so much missing data we cannot know if the figures that are reported by the Department of Education are accurate – since data on nearly 4k children is missing (Source SSDA 903 table C1).

Please write to your MP during National Adoption Week, or as soon as possible asking for accurate reliable data on permanence disruptions.

We have prepared a template letter, which can be modified according to your circumstances. Just cut and paste the pdf version and add your own comments.

Template letter to MP NAW 2019

Thank you for reading this. Please take action now!