An assessment, should lead to support, but it is not support itself. We are scrutinised and observed in assessments – but the help we need, often when our family is at the point of crisis, is not provided. An assessment, whilst important to do, can in fact delay support. When support is delayed for a family in crisis, trying to contain a child’s trauma, this is not good news.

This is why we have considered the accessing of support, and the support itself separately in our survey for government about the experiences of people with lived experience.

Research shows that in approximately one third of adoption cases there are relatively few problems. We do not have this information about kinship carers or special guardians. What we do know is that it can be hard for adopters, special guardians and kinship carers who are having a difficult time – either with their children, or in accessing support – as they can feel judged and viewed as failing parents or carers.

We think its important for government to hear all our voices to make the best possible decisions about policy, practice and legislation.

So please, if you are a Kinship Carer, a Special Guardian or an Adopter, do complete our short survey, which should take three to ten minutes, depending on how much you would like to say.

We will use the responses to write a report for government about what would improve our lives and give our children the best chances in life.

You can access the survey by clicking this link here:

Supporting Adoption, Special Guardianship and Kinship Care Permanence: accessing and receiving help.


This is an anonymous survey using Survey Monkey. Individuals and organisations will not be identified in our report, which will be written by Dr Sylvia Schroer (Chair of SG&AT), supported by other adopters and special guardians in our group. If you have any concerns or complaints about this survey, please write to sgandadopterstogether@gmail.com, for the attention of the management team.