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Please click this link to take part in our new ‘Connections’ survey if you are a UK Kinship Carer, Special Guardian or Adopter.

We are looking to gain knowledge about the impact of being removed from birth parents on the child and other family members

We are also looking to better understand the impact of a child re-entering care from adoption, special guardianship or kinship care

We are interested also in the impact of social media and any training you have had in regards to this.

Finally we would like to think about the issue of ’emotional harm’

The survey should take 5-15 mins to complete.

The settings on the survey collection enable you to modify answers and go back to the survey later to complete it – if you would like to give questions further thought. Just click on the link again to go back to it.

The closing date to take part is 8pm on Sunday 19th August 2018.

We will present the results at the Child Protection Resources conference on September 15th and publish reports on our website. This conference is open to all – further information can be obtained by clicking here

We ask that you share this survey with others and please do provide us with feedback about taking part using the contact form below, if you wish.

If you are an Adopter, or Special Guardian, and would like to join SG&AT, please click here to complete a membership form.