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Please complete our brief survey (it should only take 6 minutes to complete), on Partnership Working, School Exclusions and School Refusal by clicking this link HERE

We learned so much from our conducting our previous survey on parental and care-giver stress and wellbeing, and would like to find out a little more for a submission we are putting to government for the School Exclusions Review – the deadline for submissions for this review is 6th May at 5pm. We are therefore asking you to submit your responses to us for SATURDAY 5th May at 5pm to give us time to collate the data for presentation.

We appreciate how vitally important it is to safeguard identities. This is a totally anonymous survey and no responses will identify your child or family. There are no comments boxes, it is straightforward multiple choice tick boxes for statistical analysis – we are looking for associations and correlations on this survey.

Please share widely on social media forums to try and maximise responses.